Monday, 1 September 2014

Our field of dreams ...

Behind these gates lies our field of dreams ...
It is the site, just a short walk away from the Happy House, where we plan to have our Secondary School built and ready to open by January 2016,
While Mama Sue and Elizabeth are working together to find new sources of funding to make this dream a reality, the site is being put to good use for growing maize for our family.
The kids helped with planting and now they have been equally as enthusiastic about harvesting the corn cobs ready for the kitchen.
Like everything we have, this site is being used in the best way possible and will produce crops until we have the £25,000-£30,000 needed for our build.
A secondary school is essential - we must continue the excellent education we are providing in kindergarten and primary school through to school leaving.
In a perfect world, our vision would be to be able to make this a scholarship school, but that could only happen if we could secure the long term funding to sustain it.
We have the faith, determination, acumen and optimism to seek out those can make dreams come true.
If we build ,,, they will come.
Inspired thinking
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