Saturday, 13 September 2014

Jonathan's visitors from Milan

There was a great treat for our Jonathan when members of his sponsor family came to call.
Monica Rizzo and Marco from Milan, Italy, are no strangers to our family as they have visited before and Monica has helped in school.
Jonathan was as delighted to see them as they were to be with him.
Thank you Monica and Marco for the love and friendship you give to Jonathan and all our family
Fair today
Today and tomorrow the Happy House will be receiving half the admission money taken at the Truly Scrumptious Vintage Handmade and Music Fair at Blackpool's Winter Gardens, thanks to the very kind Dotty D Delightful who organises the event.
Some of our Happy House friends will be manning the front admission desk so come along and say hello.
There will be lots of great stalls (and music and refreshments) and it's never too early to start your Christmas shopping.
10am-4pm tomorrow and Sunday. Admission is £1