Wednesday, 17 September 2014

School Report: Top class performance

Madam Sarah is in charge of bringing us this week's School Report. 
She writes:
After the opening day the primary school had a wake up exam which was done for two days and they  all did their level best.
The results were read for the whole school and the classes with the best were given trophies.
In the lower primary, Class One retained the trophy and they were happy as seen in their smiling faces in the photo (top left).
Class Seven did  their best in the exams and emerged the holders of the upper primary trophy.
We were  also glad to have the volunteers Missy and Lotte who shared their skills to the during  creative lessons.
They made masks using paper, glue, crafts, paint, glitter and feathers.
We are happy to have volunteers, like Missy, Lotte and Simon,  because they bring a different aspect to classes.
To find out more about volunteering at Happy House  Please visit: