Saturday, 20 September 2014

Walking with animals!

Volunteers Missy McKee and Lotte Van Kouwen made the most of every minute of every day they were at the Happy House - working in creative classes with our kids and painting  some very special murals in our atrium.
Missy , founder of the charity Flourish Foundation which promotes the role of art in recovery, and Lotte are talented artists and shared some inspirational ideas to fire the imagination of our children. 
Missy said they had great fun with kids in  KG 1, 2 and 3  
"We have been doing self portraits which has been amazing as most of the children tell me that they have never tried drawing themselves."
Mirrors came in very handy as they put pencil to paper to create their own masterpieces.
Missy and Lotte, from London,  also spent time sharing ideas and expertise with our teachers  to help them 
develop on  creative lessons in school.
Thank you Missy and Lotte for being such a help and so much fun and for the support from Flourish Foundation, too.
Your wonderful artwork has made our Happy House more child friendly than ever and we know the little ones will love talking to the animals that now brighten up our walls.