Thursday, 25 September 2014

Big cash boost from Rotary

Mama, Papa and auntie Libby had a lovely evening  yesterday when they were guests at Fleetwood Rotary Club.
The club has been so supportive of our family, over a number of years, and members were delighted to have the chance to catch up on all the news of how our children - and our family - are growing.
Mama also told them about how we must get our secondary school built and equipped by January 2016 when our first primary class eight will be ready to move up.
They also heard ,from Auntie Libby, about the current situation in Kenya and the way the our economy and our community are suffering because of the way tourism has been affected by travel advisories issued by the UK and some other Governments, even though Watamu is not within the area covered by the advice.
Secondary school needed to move up to
With several club members in our children's sponsor families, they were keen to hear the stories and anecdotes of some of our little characters and Mama's words conjured up a happy snapshot of life in a very happy Happy House family.
During the past year, Fleetwood Rotary has worked so hard to raise money for Happy House and Sandra Foulkes, whose family sponsors twins Saumu and Pendo, and president-elect Richard Newman, presented Mama with a cheque for £2239.70 which will be put towards the Secondary School.
The Rev George Ayoma, who is a Kenyan and who had run an orphanage when he was just 21,  gave a wonderful vote of thanks to Mama,  Papa and Libby and said that if he were 21 again then he would like to work at Happy House because it sounded such a happy place to be.
Our thanks to everyone who contributed to Fleetwood Rotary's fundraising effort in any way, and to the club for being such very good friends to all our family.
Pictured top  from left: Sandra Foulkes, Papa, Mama, George Ayoma, Libby and Richard Newson.