Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Birthday boys and Fair result

 It's been such a busy time on the blog we haven't shared our most recent birthday pictures.
Two of our family's older boys have both celebrated their special day with help from all their brothers and sisters.Visitors and our good friends from Italy had the honour of presenting birthday gifts at Kidz Club. Monica Rizzo made the presentation to Fikiri whilst Susanna Gregoria presented Sifa with his.
Pictures: Top, Monica and Fikiri and (below) Susanna and Sifa.

                  Vintage fair brings us £705
A whopping £705 has come to Happy House thanks to Dotty Delightful, the wonderfully kind organiser of this weekend's Truly Scrumptious Vintage, Handmade and Music Fair at Blackpool Winter Gardens.
Our volunteers helped  man  the front admission desk, while Tom Walsh looked after the second entrance. 
We have received half the admission taking which is fantastic. Thanks Dotty (pictured (centre) with  two of the entertainers Daniella Gallagher (left) and Lisa Kelly) you are one fantastic friend to our family.
Dotty is pictured (centre)  entertainers Daniella Gallagher (left) and Lisa Kelly.