Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thank you everyone

A very big thank you to Limavaday Rotary Club in Northern Ireland for helping to make Christmas so special for our children.
The club sent a donation of £200 to provide the Christmas meal for our children who tucked in to turkey with pilau followed by cake.  Later on in the day they enjoyed ice cream also thanks to their Rotary friends.
Limavady Rotary Club sponsor our little Harry who is pictured here receiving his Christmas gift from Santa.
Thank you to everyone at Limavady and to everyone, from around the world, who has sent gifts and cards or helped in any way at all to make Christmas so very special.
We cannot send individual photographs of each child with their gifts as it is really wouldn’t be fair to the kids who were having just so much fun enjoying themselves.
We do thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your love and support for our family.
We hope that your Christmas will be every bit as special as our own here at the Happy House.
*The partying is over and life has returned to normal for our children. December 25 will be celebrated quietly, as a family without any visitors, with a meal and one gift left by Mama and Papa for each child. They will Skype the kids from the UK so that they can share Christmas love and greetings. It is hard for them to be apart but they have so many fundraising commitments to fulfil with Auntie Libby, but will be back again very soon.