Monday, 3 December 2012

Santa in the sun

Santa arrives

Santa came out of his North Pole hideaway a few  weeks early to bring Christmas joy to our Happy House kids.
And the air of excitement was almost tangible as the kids waited eagerly for the arrival of this most special of guests.
There was an intake of breath followed by screams of delight when Santa came through the gates followed by two mischievous elves - Elf , the naughty one, and Safety, the playful one,
What's in the bag Jeddy
Santa introduced them to the children who just couldn’t quite take in the festive antics of the two elves as they led Santa a right song and dance.
Then it was time for Santa to distribute the children’s gift. Every child waited patiently for their name to be called and very politely shook Santa’s hand and said thank you before walking off with their bag of goodies.
Gifts for Hope
Everyone was thrilled with their gifts - every single item sent to Santa by our friends from the UK, Italy and elsewhere in the world  - and eagerly showing them off to their brothers and sisters. 

Mama , Santa and helpers
When all the gifts were distributed and every child happy, they chorused a goodbye and thank you to Santa and his elves who, not used to the intense sun, were keen to get back to the cool of their North Pole workshop.
They had made their flying visit by special request because our children wanted to have Christmas Day with their Mama and Papa who, with Auntie Libby, have to fly back to the UK tomorrow to meet fundraising commitments.

Then while some stayed in the banda to dance other kids went off in groups to take a closer look at their gifts, to try on new clothes or to read their book, play a game or just to take a quick nap.
Uncle Josphat and Auntie Joyce
Uncle Josphat, our cook, and his assistant Joyce had prepared a delicious lunch of turkey and pilau, which the kids wolfed down in almost total silence!
It was the most wonderful day, filled with love. The kind of day that every child will remember and will tell their own children about in years to come.
Uncle Billy, Pendo and Ushindi
Those of us who were there to share it and to feel the Happy House magic at work are truly blessed.
Papa with Shakila

Maria and Auntie Rose