Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Clinic call for Jonathan

Mama with Jonathan and Dr Kapanga
While Mama was back home at the Happy House she took the opportunity to take Jonathan see paediatrician Florence Kapanga at her private clinic in Malindi.
Jonathan has been diagnosed with sickle cell anaemia and the treatment and management of his condition is crucial.
Uncle Billy
Mama, who went to the clinic with our social worker Uncle Billy, was pleased to  talk to Dr Kapanga about the recommended treatment for our little boy and was happy that he is getting what he needs at the moment.
We would like to thank specialist nurse Isabel Adams, of the sickle cell unit at Birmingham Children’s Hospital, for her help and advice.
Isabel has done a great deal to explain the condition to us and also sent us a very useful parents’ handbook which will be of great help to Uncle Billy and our house mums who are responsible for the daily care of Jonathan and which will help them to identify a crisis when it occurs, quickly.