Saturday, 1 December 2012

Santa's early call

Papa Dave, Lucinda, Mercy Jane, Janet and Maria
Christmas is coming … TODAY!
Santa is making an early visit to  the Happy House in answer to a special request from our kids.
Their Mama and Papa, and Auntie Libby, fly back to the UK on Tuesday and the children didn’t want to celebrate Christmas without them.
Since our children came to the Happy House it is their Mama and Papa who have brought joy into their lives and to  mark this most important day of the year without them was unthinkable. So they chose today as Christmas Day.
We have all been busy putting up the decorations and Santa’s little helpers have been working overtime to get the children’s presents ready.
Francis and Karembo
Santa will be arriving this morning, accompanied by his two cheeky elves, to distribute the gifts.
Then there will be a special meal for all the family of turkey pilau  and vegetables, followed by ice-cream,.
Mama and Papa were very touched that their kids asked to have Christmas early, but they have ensured that there will be one gift each for every child to receive on December 25.
Handyman Uncle Lanson
*You can read all about our Christmas on the blog on Monday - as tomorrow is the Kids’ turn to take over  this space!