Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Networking for our kids

It was a landmark day for Uncle Billy when the Happy House hosted the inaugural meeting of the CCI Network.
Representatives from 15 Charitable Children’s Institutions from the Malindi area gathered to talk about the ways they could work together to improve the services they provide to their children.
By sharing experiences, information and advice on situations they encounter they hope all the children’s homes families will benefit and be enriched.
Mama Sue, as director of the Happy House, spoke about how she had come to be in Kenya and the beliefs that had driven her to develop her Happy House.
Uncle Billy, our hardworking and dedicated social worker, has been working towards setting up this network for the past year and the first meeting was the culmination of his tireless efforts.
The visitors were shown around our home and Evans, Margaret and Samson joined the meeting and chatted confidently and happily about being Happy House kids.
Mama said: ‘’Billy has worked so hard towards setting up this network and now we have a real chance to show how we are changing the way that children  are being cared for.  By sharing our own experiences we will all grow and, I hope, improve what we are doing for children.’’
The network will meet monthly, hosted by a different institution each time, and the next meeting will take place on January 23 in Malindi.