Sunday, 23 December 2012

Master Builder, Musyoka

Builders have been laying a floor made of  a local stone called galana and Musyoka has found the whole process very interesting. 
As well as quizzing the workmen on what they were doing, he also gave them a helping hand.
Musyoka  photographed the work in process  and is telling you all about it in today's blog.
Musyoka writes:
 I was watching the builders so that I learn how to build.
They were making a floor .
They mix water to sand  and cement and then they spread it  on the floor. The galana goes on top.
They hammer it so that it is flat.
Then they brush it and make it clean. 
Then it is done.
I would like to be a builder when I grow up.                                 
I will build a house to live in.