Sunday, 2 December 2012

Mr Omoi's big day

Lovely Lily
Happy House teacher Mr Omoi couldn’t get married without inviting our very special family to be a part of his big day.
He asked for a Happy House page boy and flower girl to take part, and the kids were asked to choose who they would like to represent them. They held a vote and Oscar and Lily were selected.
A party of our older kids went to Kalifi  with Uncle Billy and our teachers for the wedding, 
Margaret, our Happy House reporter and photographer, tells us all about it:
Hello everyone!
I hope you are fine and well, me too!
I just want to talk about the wedding of Master Omoi and Miss Lillian.
Happy House kids!
We had a wedding of  Mr Omoi and Lillian.
They invited us the Happy House family and teachers. Mr Omoi teaches us, he is our French and computer teacher. 
So he had invited us as his members. So we waited for it and we were very happy to hear that our teacher is going to have a wedding!
In the morning we prepare our selves and we started our journey we started with a word of prayer and so that we have prayed God guided us and we had a nice journey.
Our Oscar
We reached to Kilifi very safe and we were surprised to see our  Happy House kids Lily and Oscar are  in the wedding procession and also our secretary, Auntie Velma,  and our teacher, Mr Mdachi! 
The maids started marching they marched nicely and slowly so the marchers marched and they make two lines and the bride came in.

We listen to the programme and they were told to join together and they hug each other.
Auntie Velma
 The cake was brought and they cut it and they give even us so that we may taste the cake!
We were told the Happy House to make a picture with the bride and her husband we ate good and we really enjoyed it!  
So may God bless Mr Omoi and his wife Lilian . 
Thanks for inviting us!