Sunday, 30 December 2012

Force to be reckoned with

As Kenya is still a long way from equality for women, Mama has always been keen to ensure that our girls grow up knowing that they have the world at their feet.
By encouraging the Girl Power message she has given them a belief in themselves and the certain knowledge that, if they work hard, they can achieve.
The boys, with Papa as their greatest ally, have always come back with their own rallying cry of BOY POWER and now they have a very special reason to celebrate. 
Today's blogger,  11-year-old Evans, chairman of the Kidz Council, reports:
 Boys in the Happy House are doing a good job. They are helping everywhere where they are needed and making sure everything is OK.
Sometimes people  say  Girl Power but not Boy Power.
Now Mama Sue she has said BOY POWER because we have been good boys are we have got a certificate for being the most disciplined and helpful boys.
And we are all very pleased and all cheered: BOY POWER!