Monday, 6 February 2012

That's our boy!

Sitting pretty, and looking very cute, our David's development is speeding ahead.
In the few months since Mama Sue was told he has Down's Syndrome, David has come on leaps and bounds, thanks to the programme of daily exercises devised for him from information and advice supplied by the Down's Syndrome Association in the UK.
From being like a floppy newborn in October, David is now able to sit up on his own and is making progress all the time.
Mama tells me he is displaying some beautiful teeth. "They're popping through ten to the dozen!" she says.
The exercise programme, which mums' take David through at least twice a day, was put together by Hemadi, a trainee social worker, who was on work experience with us at the time.
We are now looking ahead to the next step for our beautiful little boy to ensure that he reaches his full potential, whatever that may be.
The second picture shows him modelling his smart new surfwear, sent by Lesley Pidcock who is in his sponsor family with her Entry Level Childcare students at Doncaster College.