Thursday, 9 February 2012

Knit wits!

A grounding in needlecraft is another life skill, like cookery and gardening,  that will stand our children in good stead in the future.
Who knows we might have Kenya's answer to Stella McCartney or an African Alexander McQueen in our ranks and it is exciting to see what talents we unearth as the children discover a world of opportunity.
A friend and neighbour of Mama and Papa, Mary Jones, has very kindly given the Happy House all kinds of crafty goodies - a sewing machine, cottons, plus a jewellery making kit.
There are also some knitting needles but Mary was sorry she didn't have wool to go with them - but we are sure that there will be someone reading this who will have the odd ball or two they would post to our kids.
Mary has offered to help with craft sessions for kids and to teach them to knit as well. They may never need a woolly jumper in Watamu, but who knows where life will take them.
And knitting is another useful skill, and great for developing fine motor skills, teaching maths and provides lessons in logic and problem solving too.
In fact with a ball of wool and a set of needles a whole new world could unravel ...
*Pictured are, front row: Pendo, Ushindi and Lily, back row, Fatuma and Saumu.