Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Sue .. it's for you, Sue!

Whilst Mama Sue has known the Happy House had been successful in being registered as children's home with the Kenyan Government, she's had to wait months for the all-important formal certificate .
And sheer by coincidence,  when it did come it couldn't have been delivered on a better day.
Sue Hayes, a very experienced social worker who for many years north west director of Barnardo's, was a huge help to Mama Sue in the first three months of the Happy House.
Mama Sue says:  "She worked so hard on the documents needed to get the Happy House registered with the Kenyan Government. Not an easy or straightforward task.
"It was not until June 2011 that we were told our application had been successful but we still needed the actual certificate because once we have this we are exempt from tax and import duties.
"We  made numerous calls to try to get it without success. Then Uncle Billy contacted a lady he'd previously worked with who is now in the office of Director of Children's Services - success at last!
"Sue and her husband Ron, also a great help in our first three months, came to call on us with some friends when the delivery arrived. I knew immediately what it was and handed the envelope to Sue to open.
"She was a bit surprised, but then delighted when she saw it was the Certificate of Registration she had worked so hard for us to get."