Thursday, 2 February 2012

Speaking up

Children have a voice, and it should be heard. Mama Sue has always been insistent that her Happy house kids should never be afraid to air their views.
And to ensure that when they do speak, those around them, be they children or adults, will listen.
That was one of the reasons she set up a Kidz Klub, which is when the entire family gets together to talk over and celebrate the week past, and to look forward to what is ahead. It's are real success and everyone looks forward to it.
More recently she has introduced a Kidz Council, which members elected by the children, which holds weekly meetings to discuss any issues taken to members by other children.
It's working really well, intervening effectively where necessary, and in reporting on its action to Mama and Uncle Billy, who provide guidance and advice when needed.
Mama Sue tells me the children are taking it very seriously indeed, and that the council, chaired by Evans, is reporting to her just as if they were adults and in a very responsible manner.
"I am just so proud of them," she says.
This week the council - Sifa, Evans, Fakiri, Samson, Janet, Mercy and Jane - received the Star of the Week Award to mark their success.
Well done kids, keep it up!