Saturday, 25 February 2012

Moving upwards and onwards

As our family at the Happy House, under the ever-caring wings of Mama Sue and Papa Dave, grows in size and number, we have to grow with it.
The children are happy and healthy and, after terrible start, ready to run with life. The Happy House School is giving them every opportunity to learn and those of us who are sponsors will know from "our" children's recent exam results that they are learning and excelling.
It's vital that we get the primary school built so that we have permanent classes ready for the children to move into. 
Funding major projects is clearly an issue, but we have to forge ahead with the build, raising additional funds however we can. 
Mama Sue from Kenya, and Elizabeth in the UK are constantly trying to attract financial support from all sectors, businesses, trusts and charitable organisations.
Donors can be sure that Mama Sue will spend every penny donated with extreme care. Nothing is ever wasted. She's innovative and inventive, finding the best ways to stretch resources to their limit. She sees ways of adapting the building we already have, using it to it best and most cost-effective advantage, that even professional builders don't see!
Thanks to a generous donation we are able to start the primary school. It will be built on the section of our flat roofed building which has always been earmarked for development. It will make it a self-contained unit accessed by modifying a current internal staircase to give it an external entrance.
By making a few changes to existing plumbing enough toilets can be installed to cater for the school.
Like Little Chicks Nursery there will be a traditional makuti "thatched" roof, cool and cheaper... it also supports local men and women who depend on making makuti for food for their families.
Mama Sue has thought of everything and we all know that when she has a vision it becomes a reality!
Before a block is laid, she is making sure that all the materials needed are on site to ensure there can be no delays once she gives the builder the go-ahead to start.
As their Mama, Sue wants every one of her children to be the best that he or she can be. Equally, we have to keep the cash coming in so that we can continue to develop their home and school, our Happy House, to be the best that it can be.