Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Our story on film

A moving documentary which brings the incredibly important work of the Happy House to life is now posted on our website.
In it our inspiration, Mama Sue talks about how her children's home is saving young lives and giving children ,born into terrible circumstances, a secure and loving home and a future to look forward to.
Also featured on the film made by a Nairobi recording crew, Innocent and Justice,  are Papa Dave; bursar Isaac Sunita Yaa; social worker Billy Mungo; head teacher Madam Rose;  teacher Mr Athmani and volunteers and sponsors Lynn McCluskey and Coral Blackhurst, trustee and voluntary UK coordinator Elizabeth Gomm , Italian supporter Maurizio.
And in the star role are, of course,  our Happy House kids!
The recording was filmed on a very special party day to celebrate the marriage of Happy House administrator Rose - we're not usually dressed in our Sunday best, with cloths on the tables and barbecued food.
You'll find this link to this 30-minute film on the home page of our website
Please share it with your friends and help to take our message of hope to a wider audience.