Thursday, 16 February 2012

From Brighton with love

It's always special for Mama Sue and Papa Dave when old friends come to visit the Happy House.
Mark and Thalia Venturi,  who live in Brighton,  met Sue and Dave in Watamu and have been supporting her for a long while, holding events in their seaside town to boost our funds.
Equally Marc, Thalia and their son Joe  couldn't wait for their holiday in Kenya to come round so they could get back to see how much things have changed since their last visit in 2011...  and also to present Sue with £1,000 they have raised, with the help of daughter, Emma, and their many friends in Brighton.
Marc and Thalia are thrilled to see how the children are growing , to meet the children who have joined our family since their last visit, and to see how the school has grown too. 
Joe (who had the honour of handing over a fistful of cash to Mama Sue),  is having fun meeting his old mates amongst our kids and joining in their games. He's very popular  an honorary Happy House kid!
Thank you Marc and Thalia for all you do for the Happy House, it means so much  to  Mama, Papa and all family. Pictured with the family is Joe's friend Ben Dawson.