Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Snowtime walk in Hindlip

There was snow on the ground when the  94 pupils from the tiny Hindlip CE School, near Worcester, pulled on their bobble hats, zipped up  their anoraks and put best boot first to stride out on a two mile sponsored walk for our Happy House family.
What a contrast to the wall-to-wall sunshine our children wake up to every day - it is hard for them even to imagine what it is like to be cold!
But the intrepid children,staff, parents and carers in Worcestershire were not going to let a bit of snow put them off their mission to do their best for the Happy House which  they had heard all about from reception teacher Rebecca Mirza.
Everyone had a splendid time trampling across the frosty fields in a winter wonderland and they raised a wonderful £427.50 for our family.
Thank you everyone at Hindlip school, we think you are just great!