Saturday, 25 June 2011

Holiday work a blessing

Judith Carson, a friend of Dawn Heather White, looks back on two week volunteering at the Happy House ... she is now looking forward to going back next year.

"When I volunteered to work at the Happy House, I didn't really know what to expect.  I thought that I would be nursing babies all day, and whilst this in itself is such a pleasure, I am more comfortable working with older children.  So it was a real privilege to be able help out in the Baby Class with Madame Rachael  in the morning and then, in the afternoon, with head teacher Madame Rose in KG2 & 3.  It was lovely to work one-to-one with some of the children and see their confidence and learning develop over the two weeks I was there.  Like anywhere, there are some children who are keen to learn and others who take a little coaxing, but the teachers make learning such fun – I loved being back at school!  Though perhaps this was due to cutting up boxes to make wheelbarrows and getting covered in Sellotape!  The children also took turns in teaching me some Swahili - so I am now back home practising for when I go back next year. Yes,I gave up two weeks of my annual leave to work, but what a blessing I got in return - it was worth it!"