Friday, 3 June 2011

Brian on the move

Bright spark Brian who laughs his way through life is making new strides ... taking his very first solo steps.
Natasha and Peninah may have led the way, but it was only a matter of time before Brian stepped in to score points for the boys.
Despite chest infections, one so severe it meant he spent three days in hospital this spring,  Brian bounces back, laughing, smiling and captivating hearts!
His first steps, watched with interest by little Rose,  were greeted with joy and congratulations from all the family.
Brian's landmark brings both a pride and a poignancy for Mama Sue. 
Brian was the first Happy House baby to take the Hayward surname. Abandoned in hospital just hours after he was born, Sue was called to see if the Happy House had room to take him.
Sue says: "As he was abandoned I could name him, so we called him Brian after my lovely friend of over 40 years Brian Thorpe who died of a brain cancer a few years ago.
" Brian was very disabled but worked for Sirdar Knitting Wools in Wakefield for many years as the order office manager. He was my very best friend for so many years,I still miss him dreadfully, he was my support, my confident, my true and loyal friend.
"I still love him so much. I have his picture in my locket with my Dada, when I travel or feel I need support I take them both with me."
Wouldn't Brian would be so proud of his little namesake, and of his dear friend Sue, as well?