Sunday, 12 June 2011

Behind the scenes

Volunteering at the Happy House Dawn Heather White got a glimpse of every day life and goes into keeping a such a big family home run smoothly.  Today she reflects on what she saw:
 " Running a home for 49 children plus a school with four classes and day pupils from outside takes a lot of hard work and organisation.
"Visitors see the children working in their classrooms and playing football and other games outside and maybe get a chance to talk to Mama Sue and social worker Uncle Billy but they are not likely to notice the hard work of the team in the background.
" Feeding the children plus ensuring they have clean clothes and bedding is a huge daily task.
" Behind the scenes there's constant activity from Auntie Rose (pictured) the administrator: chef Habel and his assistant Juma (pictured) in the kitchen preparing all the meals: Aunty Lydia who always has a mop in her hand now that the babies are potty training; top shopper and bargain hunter Papa Dave and the groundsmen and gardeners who are producing delicious crops of fruit and veg. "