Friday, 24 June 2011

Birthday girl

At Kidz Club the children are always eager to know if there's going to be a birthday to celebrate.
Having cards and a present is something new to our kids, most who have grown up not knowing when they would next eat, never mind knowing the date on which they were born.
Sourcing birth certificates is a time-consuming but necessary part of Uncle Billy's job as a social worker, some kids have not even been registered at birth, so he has to be something of a detective, questioning any known family members, clinics and hospitals until he comes up with an answer.
Like all children our Happy House kids soon catch on to something good, and wait with bated breath to see if this week will bring their turn...  and Jedida was the lucky girl, who took centre stage to receive gifts and cards from Mama Sue while all the family sang her the birthday song.
Another young man's special day is also being celebrated, but more of that on Sunday ... his actual birthday.