Sunday, 24 October 2010

Thank you Clear Blue Tenerife

What a difference it has made to the Family having our own mini bus. The bus was bought for us by Clear Blue Estate Agents in Tenerife. Alan and his company have always been very supportive. Staff friends and relations have contributed in many ways from running marathons to quiz nights.
The children are now taken to school and brought home every day. Dave went to pick them up one day last week, they were all stood together outside school when they saw him coming they were shouting and waving Papa Dave, Papa Dave, as soon as he stopped they all climbed in, so happy to be going Home. When Rose and I are in the office we can hear the children coming home down the road singing and laughing. We look at each other and smile, it is so wonderful to be making such a difference.
Thank you to everyone who make our children happy, but today it is a special Thank you from the Happy House Family to Clear Blue Estate Agents Tenerife.