Monday, 11 October 2010


Miles for smiles!
Well done to Lisa Howard who completed the Jersey Marathon raising £478 for the Happy House. Lisa says: "Hello to all my big-hearted, very kind special friends and relatives.
"As you can see I managed the full 26.2 miles of the Jersey Marathon is just under four hours.. I don't know how my legs managed to get me through the last four miles but, some how, they did and that's all that matters
 "I can't thank you enough for all your good luck wishes and most of all, for your generosity.  Your extremely charitable sponsorship helped me to raise £478 for the Children of Watamu.  I am proud to have achieved the sub 4 hour goal, but even prouder to know that together we made a massive difference to the lives of the children living in the Happy House, Watamu. "
A huge Happy House thank you to Lisa, and all her sponsors.