Monday, 4 October 2010

Open Door Project Blackpool

I am always delighted to hear from the Open Door group, they do so much to raise funds and  awarness of our work for the children. I asked Deacon Judith Wray to write what it means to the group to be part of the Happy House Family, this is what she had to say:-

In September 2009 we invited Sue Hayward to our charity Harvest celebration. She told us her story and introduced us to Children of Watamu. Everyone was so moved and impressed by what they heard and saw on video, that we decided to sponsor a Happy House child together. This means that with the £1 or £2 per week that individuals are able to give, we have been able to commit ourselves to sending £40 per month by standing order from our Project funds. One of our group, Susan, has made a scrap book recording everything we receive and everything we do relating to Children of Watamu, which is available every week for people to see. There is a great deal of interest and enthusiasm for supporting Sue and the children especially knowing that Sue & Dave are local people. We appreciate the very personal communication and sense of being part of the family.

Our Grange Park Open Door Project exists to share the love of God and promote community involvement, and the link with Kenya helps to show that we believe we are here for one another as members of the human race, wherever we are placed in the world!

Thank you Judith for your kind words. The group celebrated Harvest last week and raised a very generous 103 Pounds. Thank you to everyone, I look forward to seeing everyone at the Charity Night on the 19th of November.


The picture is of Rose who is sponsored by Open Door