Friday, 29 October 2010

And now we are 45

On Saturday two boys came to the gate of the Happy House to ask if they could come in, they were in a terrible state both physically and mentally. The boys were crying begging Billy to let them stay. Billy talked to them and said he would deal with things in the correct way. On Monday we received a call from the headmaster of the school they have been attending for just 2 weeks to tell us about the same children. He said there was 4 of them all in the same local children's home. We called the Children's officer from Malindi to come with us as they have the authority to take children into care. As soon as we saw the children at the school the officer decided that due to the condition of the children it was impossible to send them back to where they had been staying, that was before we had even visited the place. We immediately said we would bring them home. When we arrived at the so called 'home' there was another 2 children there. 2 little girls aged 8 who had not been attending school. The conditions were so bad I am not even going to describe them. Three of the children had terrible jiggers in their feet, the little black worms that burrow under toe nails and into the flesh on the feet. We immediately soaked their feet in solution of peroxide and water and the next day a friend of mine who runs a beauty salon came with items needed to remove the dreaded jiggers. In just two days the Happy House magic is working on the children. They are smiling, which is always a good sign, they are mixing well with their new brothers and sisters, eating and sleeping. On Monday they will go back to school a lot happier and healthier than they were last time the headmaster saw them.