Sunday, 3 October 2010

Limvardy are wild about Harry

'You will remember the news of Little Harry's arrival at the Happy House, well, I am pleased and excited to tell you that Harry now has a sponsor.

Harry was barely with us, before I had a mail from a member of a Rotary Club - who has supported the Happy House Project in the past, a member  which frequently visits this part of Kenya - asking if there were any children that the club could sponsor as part of their international care programme.

Harry is such a bright young thing, I knew that they would immediately fall in love with him, I sent a few photos and told them his story, and in a very short time the Club wrote back wrote back saying that they would be really proud to be part of Harrys Happy House Family.

The Rotary Club from Limavady, a small market town in Northern Ireland, which has 31 members, are now supporting Harry.
So Harry now has another extended family. We have opened his memory box so as he grows he will know that even though he was abandoned at birth he has always had a loving caring  'Family'