Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Welcome Home Lynn

We are delighted to welcome Lynn McCluskey back home to the Happy House. Lynn arrived bearing gifts from sponsors and many of the other much needed items. We have decided to keep the presents until each child celebrates their birthday, to save the situation of some having presents and others not. It is difficult to explain why to these children who have had so little in their short lives already.
This is what Lynn had to say about being back with the children:-
Although I was still feeling tired after my long journey back, that all magically vanished when I walked through the Happy House doors !! My first port of call was the banada, there they were, all the beautiful babies I'd seen on the blog were playing and sleeping. Ahhh to finally get to cuddle these new little ones was a dream come true for me. Then as if things couldn't get better, it was time for the older children to come home from school, 13 of  whom I'd made friends with on my last visit. Nothing could have prepared me for the looks of sheer delight on their faces as they leapt from the tut tut's and recognised me......... Priceless!!!!!! The piece of my heart that I left behind at the Happy House was definaltley now back in place. I shall remember that feeling for the rest of my days. It just feels so good to be back..........