Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hailey Aspinall arrives

On Friday Hailey Aspinall arrived to volunteer at the Happy House for two weeks. Hailey and her Mum Jackie have always very supportive of my work in many ways. They sponsor Charity and have always been active in fund raising. Hailey's younger brother Joseph and sister Emma did a sponsored bike ride raising a terrific £450 for the Happy House.
Two hours later Pendo  &  Sguma 12 month old twin girls were brought home by Billy our Social Worker. Billy has been visiting the family for the last couple of weeks after we were notified by a neighbor that the children were very under nourished and the Mum was unable to cope. On Friday we received word that one of the girls was not well at all, Billy just had to go and see for himself, he was really worried as the twins were in a very fragile condition. The Mum agreed to bring the twins to the Happy House so they could receive proper medical attention from Doctor Patrobus. The children are in a very bad way, their little bodies are emancipated, their hair is very thin and almost a red colour due to the malnutrition. The 16 year old Mum does not have any food for herself so cannot breast feed two babies. The Mum is staying with Rose and her family over the weekend so that she can be near her children, we will assess the situation again on Monday with the Doctor. It would be ideal if we could get the Mum into a community programme where she could learn a trade, maybe tailoring, so that she can at least support herself.  The children are at risk, we had to take action before one of them died, we would never have forgiven ourselves if that had happened.  I will keep you all posted as we see how the situation develops.