Sunday, 6 June 2010

Hello Stephen

What a hectic day Friday was!!
Stephen was brought home to us by his Dad who is just unable to cope with a 8month old baby. Stephen is the brother of Kahindi and Fakiri who came to us earlier in the year. As Stephen has a different Dad to the other boys he stayed with the Mum. We have been monitoring the situation as the Mum has severe mental problems, she has again disappeared leaving Stephen alone, when the Dad returned from working the child had been alone for a few days. He is very undernourished and at 8 months can hardly sit up as he has no body strength, he is very floppy.His skin is  dry and peeling, but he has two lovely new bottom teeth!. Stephen is a very pleasant child and smiles a lot, but he just leans with no interest in anything. His hair is very sparce. In this picture he has been bathed and changed into Happy House clothes as he had nothing at all to wear.  We had sent clothes earlier in the year but......... well, he had nothing to wear.  We are positive  that within the week Stephen will have improoved greatly, with Happy House TLC lots of of Cow & Gate milk, and fresh fruit and vegetables. On Friday evening I was looking for Stephen as the Doctor had arrived, I said to Josephine our teacher where is Stephen? I group of 6 little heads looked up and there he was in the middle of his new Happy House sisters