Monday, 14 June 2010

Water Water Everywhere

I mentioned last week about how when it rains the water is everywhere in great big puddles. The Country Boy has now solved the problem. We could not afford to dig two tanks at £500 each so we had to think of another idea. At the back of the building the water has been diverted by a series of down pipes etc directly into the well. At the front they have diverted it into the garden area where it can soak away into the ground.
We have mains water inside the Happy House gate on a stand pipe this has now been brought into the kitchen to be used for cooking and drinking. 
A very generous donation from Brian Abrahams, a long standing friend of the Country Boy has paid for this work to be carried out. Brian has always been very supportive, he has sponsored Jesse at school, the boy who is on our logo for many years. Last Christmas Brian bought Pauline, his wife, a sponsorship for one of the Happy House Kids, Brian and Pauline are now in Mwende's family. They will be visiting us here at the Happy House in October, and Brian aready wants to know what the children will need. Can I have some HP Sauce please Brian??