Saturday, 19 June 2010

Safe and sound

On Thursday as we arrived in Timboni on the way home from the hospital with Steve, Nancy the Children's Officer called  to ask if we could come to the office and take two children who had been brought in by the Chairman of their school. a girl,who is 9 years old, was being continually raped by her Father while  her brother aged 6 watched on. It only came to light when the boy's saw him behaving very strangely, when asked what he was doing he said it is what Dad does to my sister. The sister when gently questioned by the teacher told everything. The police were called and the children went to the home of the school chairman, the girl had been raped that very morning before she went to school.
The Father was arrested on Wednesday. After court yesterday Dave  Billy had to take the children to the police station to be interviewed and to make statements. The sister had to go to the hospital to be examined,so that a certain form could be issued, for the case against the Father.  Mama Preshca went to the Children's office with us to collect the children. As good a Billy is with the children we worried that she  would be frightened of men. Preshca told the children how lovely the Happy House is and that lots of children were there waiting for them, to play football and watch television. When we leave collect children we do not always know if we have boys or girls or indeed the ages. When we do we call home so the Mums can get clothes ready and a bed, so that there is already a place for the child. When we are nearly home with new children, we call to say 5 minutes, it is fantastic, everyone is waiting to say hello and welcome the new family members. We always tell the children you have a new brother and sister today. The kids are great they take the children and show them their place in the Happy House help them to get showered and changed. The older ones remember when they were the one arriving frightened and confused. I have not taken photographs of of these children as it would not be at all appropriate.