Tuesday, 22 June 2010

The Aspinall Family help the Happy House Kids

Michelle Aspinall , her husband, Ed, and there three young children will be visiting the Happy House this summer - after coming the long way to get here, around the world!
Michelle and Ed along with  Billy,10, Jack, eight,  and Maddie, four,  set off from the UK's north west on June 26 with their first stop, New York, they are then going on to LA before heading to Australia, followed by Vietnam and Cambodia, India ( for a week's rest in Goa)  before heading "home" to help us at the Happy House.
The family sponsor Samson and so looking forward to meeting him (the children have been learning a few Swahili words). They have also been working so hard to raise money for the Happy House children and we do wish them well as they set of on an amazing journey. We promise them a big Happy House welcome when they get here!
Amongst their fundraising efforts was a real physical trial for Michelle and Ed - the Wilmslow triathalon.
Here Michelle tells us all about it: "On the Sunday,  May 9, me and my husband , Ed, completed the Wilmslow Triathlon in aid of Children of Watamu.
We have been raising lots of money before we reachWatamu in August to help out  there for a couple of weeks. We are a family of five  and are setting off round the world trip on June 26, finishing in Watamu. We wanted to have a charity 'slant' on the trip and once I had read about Sue's amazing work I was hooked! The triathlon was a 400m swim, 24km bike ride and a 7km run, all reasonable distances on their own but put together....bit more demanding. Anyhow, we finished it in 2hrs 13mins, not bad for two novices, hubbie could have done it quicker but was the true gentleman and we did it together. Many many times throughout the gruelling event I thought of the children in the Happy House and the money we were raising and it did keep me going,
I thought to myself, what am I moaning about being out of breath, limbs aching, chest hurting.....it's all going to go away when I finish.  It's a different story for  the abandoned and orphaned children of Watamu and all those 'lost' children who have yet to find the Happy House.
We need to raise as much money as possible to help them and to help Sue and her ever supportive husband, Dave, to continue the work of this fantastic charity which has changed the lives of so many people, not just those in Kenya but also those people involved in the charity who have found an opportunity to be part an amazing journey.
I feel very very privileged.
To date we have raised £500 through my JustGiving page, www.justgiving/Michelle-Aspinall.com and our children and their school, Markland Hill, Bolton, have had numerous events and are still organising more events and are not far off the £1000 mark themselves alone. I would like to thank them all for helping us make our dream someone elses dream as well."'
 Michelle, Ed, Billy, Jack and Maddie. xxxxx
We will be following the Aspinall family's trip via their website www.aspinallsworldroundtrip.com What an georgraphy lesson for us all it will be! Good luck to you all.