Saturday, 19 June 2010

Busy Week

On Thursday we took Stevie back to Malindi Hospital where his ears were syringed. Oh my goodness how he screamed! Lots of gunge came out of his ears, the nurses were very surprised just how much there was. Within in 10 minuets of getting into the car he was fine and immediately seemed so much brighter, he was looking around and taking much more interest in everything. We have to go back on Monday to see the Doctor again, but we feel he is fine. The House Mums said 'We knew he wasn't deaf, we just knew !! The love and care they have for each child is fantastic.  We have a physiotherapist from the Tofique Hospital who is going to come and show us some exercises for the babies who are not as developed as they should be for their ages. Having said that changes are happening daily. Charity is now rolling over and up on her hands and knees trying to crawl and gets very bad tempered when she can't get going. Pendo one of the twins is now clapping hands, and laughs at everyone. All the babies love being in the baby walkers.