Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sleepy Time Kids

You just have to see this! From left to right, Saumu, Pendo the twins and Charity all full up to the top!
The changes in all three are amazing in such a short space of time. Pendo is now crawling, and Saumu is trying so hard to keep up with her sister. They can each now hold a biscuit. It sounds something simple, but the girls are a year old and should be doing so many things, but every day they suprise us with something new. They can both make the baby walkers go. Charity is a bit lazy, she likes to eat and sleep. She was crying in the baby walker, and did not want to sit up, just lay down. We laughed at her the other day saying ' Charity you will be here until you are 30, no one wants a lazy wife.'