Friday, 9 July 2010

Harry Hayward

We have been told about a premature baby that has been abandoned in the hospital. The staff are not sure if he is prem or the Mum has tried to abort him. Lucky he is fine just very small weighing in at 1.5.kgs. He was doing quite well and then he had a few days of vomiting which has put him back to 1.5. We supply everything needed for him, baby milk, pampers, medicine, Vaseline etc. Hopefully if Harry will be home with us at the Happy House in the next couple of weeks where he will receive lots of Happy House TLC.
We were asked to name the baby as we did with Brian. I decided on Harry as The Country Boy's Dad was called Harry. My Dad was Harold so we feel it is a mixture of them both.
I will post a picture of Harry as soon as he comes home.