Sunday, 4 July 2010

Next stop LA!

The Aspinall family, heading for the Happy House via the rest of the world,  have had a fab time in New York and are now in Los Angeles. We are really looking forward to the postcard they've sent us from NYC , so the older kids can follow their adventure. We'll have to get the map out and make it a  geography project!
Michelle says: "The highlight for us all has been the Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island and Ground Zero. Lady Liberty felt like we were really in New  York and the history of Ellis Island, the immigrants and its descendants really struck a chord.
" Ground Zero was haunting, could have spent much more time here. The kids really took this on board and Jack couldn't wait to get back to the apartment to Google it and we all sat and watched various youtube videos and talked more about it-really special.
"Sat in Times Square people watching was great- and manic! Guggenheim museum was an architectural moment, National History Museum highlight was the kids shouting "GUMGUMS!!!" and one of the kids fave moments has been a kids water fountain that they ran around in and got soaked..boy did they laugh"
With rucksacks packed , next stop Los Angeles and then many more stops before they get to us at the Happy House , their final destination. We will have a huge welcome for them, and thank you to this special family for caring, for sponsoring Samson,  and for raising so much money for our kids. Happy travels!