Saturday, 31 July 2010

Lovely to be Loved

The chil.dren really have been insisting to see me, once they knew that I was home from Mombasa Hospital. Rose and Billy nearly had a riot on their hands!. As I am still too wobbley to get to the car and make the short trip to the Happy House we decided to bring the children to me at home, all 35 plus staff. Rose and Dave did a shuttle service until we were all together.  It was wonderful, it was such a fantastic feeling of being missed and loved. We all caught up on the news, everyone having a story to tell 'Mama Sue' The twins are just nearly ready for walking and Brian & Natasha rewarded me with big baby smiles.  I have only been away just over a week and the changes in the babies are amazing. Mwende was  busy showing me her pretty dress and Pendo busy looking for the biscuits. When it was time to go, Rose had to keep counting the children as they were hiding in the garden and around the house all wanting to stay with Mama. Evans decided he may as well stay until I was better so he could look after me and got quite settled down. 
It was a wonderful morning, lots of love, laughter and singing