Friday, 13 August 2010

Thankyou as always Brenda

Brenga Groves has been a very active supporter of our work for quite a few years now, and has also become a very good friend of mine, this is what Brenda told us this week.



After retiring from Crown Packaging, Wantage at the end of May, I was very pleased to go back last week and accept the cheque for £725 on behalf of the Children of Watamu.   Each year 4 charities are nominated and the money raised is split.

The Social Club & Wellness Committee are very active in the fundraising, organising things such as a boot sale, Christmas raffles, cake sale, Easter raffle, plant sales.  A big thanks to my friends, the secretaries who have done a fantastic job, donating prizes, selling and buying raffle tickets to the whole site.  Thanks to my boss Kevin who has supported the charity throughout, and most of all my team "Metals" who I have continually pestered for their money throughout the year. 


Thank you Crown for your continued support over the last 4 years. Hopefully next year Children of Watamu will be nominated again.