Wednesday, 11 February 2015

School Report: Wake-up call

It's been a momentous week for our Happy House School, but before half-term and the move to our new Primary School, there had been a lot going on. 
Madam Russel reports:
Greetings from Happy House School family. Everything is going on well as planned .
We  were privileged to host Sawa Sawa school for ball games. The girls played netball and football while the boys played volleyball and football.
  Happy House boys team won all the games played i.e football (1-0)volleyball (2sets-0) The girls tried their best in netball (17-3) in football Sawa Sawa girls scored (2-0) .
By the end of the day the host Happy House was crowned the winner "Bravo!" 
Classes 1-5  have been sitting their "wake-up" examinations.
This is the first exam  of the year and in a new class 
We expect good results from them.