Wednesday, 25 February 2015

School Report: Top roles for pupils

 A newsy School Report from Madam Getry:
Everyone is on toes catching up with every daily routine at the new school. 
The baby class kids  are enjoying having a very big space to play and take their classes with their teacher Madam Getry. 
The atmosphere is also conducive to learning  as there is a cool breeze which makes it very comfortable for everyone.
Bigger classrooms, too,  make teaching and learning better for both teachers and pupils. Madam Neema is pictured  taking a lesson in KG1.
A big event this week was the appointment of our new team of prefects and those who will lead them.
 Nasri Juma is the new head boy with Evan Khamisi at assistant head boy. Head girl is Mercy Reheme  with Mwanasiti Juma as assistant headgirls.
School manager and KG headteacher Madam Rose and primary headteacher  Madam Milka are pictured congratulating the heads and their assistants.
The KG S were also busy with their Teachers
Its our sincere hope they will help the teachers in their respective areas of duty for the success of the school and also to prepare them to be leaders in future.