Friday, 6 February 2015

Boxes of delight from Cheadle Hulme School

Our kids were jumping for joy when a consignment of  shoeboxes, filled with goodies, arrived at the Happy House.
The shoeboxes ,packed with lovely items ranging from clothes to comics, were sent by their new friends, pupils at Cheadle Hulme School in Cheshire.
They heard about our Happy House through a friend whose children attend the school, and he liaised to get the shoeboxes, duty paid, out to our family.
Everyone received a gift from the boxes whilst the rest of the items have gone into our stockroom ready to help with birthday presents throughout the whole of 2015.
Our kids were eager to hear about the children who sent the parcels, and whilst we couldn't write individual letters to  everyone, some of our kids have written to say thank you on behalf of their brothers and sisters.
Mama Sue said: "We really were thrilled to receive all these wonderful gifts.
"To be able to set some aside for birthdays is a great help, when times here are so hard and we are getting few visitors.
" It is also very special  that it is children  helping children.
"Our kids know the gifts have come from new friends in England and are very excited.
"We hope we may get the chance to know Cheadle Hulme school better over the weeks and months to come.
"Thank you to Cheadle Hulme pupils, parents and teachers for your kindness. It has brought so many smiles to our kids.
"Thank you for making us a part of your Christmas."