Friday, 27 February 2015

Francis - a man of valour

A true gentleman who loves his Mama, that's our Francis.
Mama spent weeks separated from the family last year when she broke her leg, needing treatment back in the UK.
She and Papa were missed by all the family, specially the kids,
Mama is still using a stick on occasions as the ground around the Happy House can be pretty uneven.
On Saturdaym she didn't have it with her and one young man stepped in as her personal guardian.
"There was absolutely no way he was going to let me fall, he had my hand in a vice-like grip.There was so much concern in his face and so much love. ," said Mama.
"At Kidz Club I said how I had personally chosen the Star of the week, telling them how Francis had been on Saturday holding my hand making sure that I was safe when I didn't have my stick..
"He was thrilled, everyone was clapping him and singing Hurray for Francis. When he went and sat back down, I saw him keep looking at the certificate.
"Times like these are my Magic Moments."
Well done, Francis, you are such a kind  and caring boy. A shining star!