Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Cooking kids teach chef a lesson

A chef at a local restaurant has learnt how to make crumble after a cookery lesson from Mama and kids.
Habel who works at Marina Restaurant had asked Mama about desserts to add to the menu and when she told him about British favourite, fruit crumble, he asked her to show him how to make it.
And so she, Papa, and a group of kids who had cooked it with in Saturday Cookery Club went along to make it in the restaurant kitchen.
Mama said: "He got all the ingredients and we had lovely time  making a mango and and a pineapple crumble.
Marina (pictured) and all her staff tried the crumble and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Then Habel made us beef pilau,  followed by fresh fruit and ice cream. 
 Janet, Zawadi, Jedidah, Rose, David and Baraka, were thrilled to bits. 
On the way back we talked about learning things and how great it is to be able to teach new things to adults. A good time was had by all."