Sunday, 8 February 2015

Man Utd rules by Mtawali

Scholarship student Mtawali Kazungu writes today's blog.
He's chosen his favourite sport as his topic - not prizes for guessing what that is!
My name is Mtawali, I am 14 years old .
My hobby is playing football. I really like playing football and also watching it. 
I am usually using my leisure time playing football. When I play football or watch it, I really enjoy.

My favourite team is Manchester United, It is my favourite team which I am supporting.
 At our home, we have got a team, I and my fellow children.
One day, we went for a match at our neighbours. We were Manchester United while the team against us was Chelsea.
They knew  Manchester United is the best team all over the world. 
We scored them 5 scores to none. And I was the scorer.I scored 3 goals.