Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Flood bring water worries

The rains have come with such force that they claiming lives,displacing families and wreaking havoc in many  parts of the country.
Our coastal region has got off lightly. The rains are quenching the thirst of our parched earth. helping crops to grow,  and when the rain is at its heaviest we pump the water from the compound on to the garden.
But the the floods are affecting our fresh water supply.
The main water pumps to Kilifi and Mombasa were destroyed in the foods and according to the county reports it could take more than a month to fix them and get water running again.
This is because  of the extent of flooding the area where they are located.
At the moment we are using the fresh water we have  stored in the tanks at the same time harvesting rain water, we can use  salt water for flushing toilets and household purposes.
We are hoping the water we have will sustain us until when everything is back to normal.